Does my Gear Mat have any bonus features? 

Or course! It can be used as a double-coaster and the raw suede underside of each gear mat makes an excellent screen cleaner.  In our tests even a 6 month old worn and dirty underside effectively cleans a small screen without damage. Be sure to check the underside first to make sure there is not tiny sand or pebbles stuck in the fibers. 


How do I care for my Gear Mat?

Treat Gear Mat™ as you would any other leather product. Clean with a damp cloth, no soaps or vinegars. If upon arrival it is too stiff for your liking, feel free to roll and flex it in every direction until it reaches the desired playability. 

Understand non-stained Gear Mats and those with white stitching are more prone to dirt and stains. If you do not want a weathered look, it is recommended that types with these attributes be used indoors (Gear Mat Type 400, 401, 411, & 421)


How do I return or exchange my Gear Mat

Each Gear Mat goes through quality control twice and if it its appearance is not to our satisfaction it is rejected and given away (locally).  Though if you are not happy with the appearance of your Gear Mat™ please contact within 90 days from purchase and we will arrange for it to be sent back, replaced, and/or refunded. Monogrammed Gear Mats are not refundable. 


I spilled wine and ruined my Gear Mat, can I return it?

With great pride your Gear Mat sacrificed itself to save whatever was on top of it, though returns due to damage from accidents, misuse, or normal wear and tear are not accepted.

Small amounts of liquids on the top of your Gear Mat™ are likely not a problem as the non-suede surface is treated to be water resistant.